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The Clinic promises you a pleasant stay. The reservations department will send you a list of documents
that you are requested to complete in order to make your admission and your stay easier. Any data
communicated will be treated strictly confidentially.

In the days leading up to your operation, you will be invited for a preoperative visit, where you will be able to
meet your anaesthetist in person and assess your general state of health.
On your arrival at the clinic, you will be greeted by the admissions department, who will ensure that all the
information concerning you is up-to-date. You will be given a file containing all useful information and a full
toilet bag together with a pair of slippers. You will also have the use of a bathrobe during your stay. Once the
formalities have been filled out, you will be accompanied to the floor where your room is located. A nurse will
look after you and will answer any questions you may have. We hope you will be properly welcomed and feel

The day of your arrival you should bring:

  1. The letter which confirms your stay.
  2. Your insurance certificate and your valid membership. Otherwise, enough funds to settle the care and
    maintenance expenses.
  3. An identification document.
  4. Your recent medical documents;
  5. radiographies, prescriptions and current treatments.


Visiting Hours

  • In rooms: 06:00 – 21:00
  • In recovery rooms: not permitted
  • In post-operative treatment units: on request

Meals & Gastronomy

We are convinced that health and gastronomy go hand-in-hand and rely on the talents of our chef and his kitchen staff to accompany our patients in their recovery. Our kitchens are equipped to handle any culinary, visual or flavor related requests. Even patients with the most finely-honed of palates will be satisfied by our range of seasonal dishes.

Personalized menus are available for patients following specific diets. Personalized, balanced, vegetarian and à la carte menus, diet menus.
Meals served at: 07h30, 12h and 18h30.
Restaurant/bar: every day from 07h to 20h.
Terrace service and room service.


The time of your departure will be chosen in consultation with your doctor, and we ask that you
inform the nurse accordingly. If the nurse has any last-minute recommendations for you, or has any medicine,
doctor’s prescriptions or radiographies to give you before you leave, please inform her of the time you will be
leaving the room. Please check out at reception when you leave the clinic. If you need follow-up treatment or
convalescent care, the nurse will be able to advise you.

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Serbo-Croat.

Treatment - Operations

The clinic La Colline offers a high-quality, personalised treatment. Our highly trained and skilled
nursing staff ensure that each patient is properly looked after, chiefly with regard to:

The operation itself :

  • Treatment for pain
  • Time of treatment

Clinic La Colline has six of the latest high technology operating rooms, located in a high-tech building constructed and inaugurated in 2009. They are among the most modern in Europe. The following are the different stages in your operation:

  • Pre-anaesthetic visit
  • Preparation and disinfection
  • Transfer to the surgical unit
  • Installation in the anaesthesia room
  • Anaesthesia
  • Transfer and installation in the operating theatre
  • Operation
  • Transfer and monitoring in the recovery room
  • Potential visit to the post-operative treatment unit
  • Return to room
  • Departure

Insurance policy

The payment for your surgery at the clinic La Colline can be made by your insurance company either as an
outpatient or an inpatient, based on the recommendations of your doctor.

Outpatient care

Outpatient care includes medical consultations, diagnostic examinations and surgical procedures allowing the
patient to return home the very same day.

If you have taken out a basic insurance policy (according to LaMal*)
Being covered under LaMal agreement involves billing according to TarMed**.
The TarMed is a fee structure used throughout Switzerland as part of mandatory health insurance. This means
that in the Canton of Geneva, the price is set by law and will be the same in all the medical establishments: at
the clinic La Colline, in the Geneva University Hospital (GUH), in a medical centre or in a private practice.
After your treatment as an outpatient, you will receive a TarMed-based invoice. Then your insurance company
will reimburse you, after deduction of a possible deductible or franchise. This bill also includes the doctors'

If you are not subject to LaMal
Because it is a ratification system based on the Swiss health insurance only, TarMed can only apply to the
patients who have taken out an insurance policy that follow its rules.
As for example: International organizations’ employees and their family, and non-residents of Geneva.
The amount paid by your insurance company depends on the general terms and conditions. It can vary greatly
from one company to the other.
We advise you to ask your insurance company about its policy regarding the level of reimbursement. We stay
at your disposal to provide you with any cost estimation you may need.

A patient is considered hospitalized after having slept in a bed one night at the hospital.
We strongly advise you to read carefully the general conditions when taking out a supplementary insurance
plan. The patient too often believes to be the beneficiary of a supplementary insurance in a private or semi-
private system whilst the supplementary insurance taken out covers other kind of treatments, which are not
covered by the basic mandatory insurance.

Our booking service verifies systematically with your insurance company the extent of your insurance cover
before your operation, of course if planned. For emergencies outside business hours of the insurance company,
it will not be possible for our team to control the adequacy of your policy. Therefore, if the fees are not covered,
costs are borne by the patient.

If you benefit from the basic insurance (according to LaMal/LAA) and a supplementary private health
insurance The clinic La Colline has signed commercial agreement with almost every Swiss medical and accident
insurance company.

Before being hospitalized, La Colline will send your insurance company (mandatory or supplementary) a
payment guarantee form.

Once returned, the clinic will perform its billing according to the third-party payment rules. It means that the
invoice will be sent directly to your insurance company for direct payment to the clinic of the complete
amount.You will receive from your insurance company a detailed cost breakdown with a possible personal
contribution in your care depending on your insurance policy (deductible and / or franchise).
After leaving, the clinic will prepare two invoices, even if your basic and supplementary insurance are
underwritten by the same insurance.A lump sum linked to the performed procedure will be sent to your basic
insurance company. The balance will be sent to your supplementary insurance company.
Medical fees, any lab tests or possible X-ray are not billed by the clinic.

Any personal expenses will also be charged to you if they were not paid upon leaving the Clinic.

If you only have a basic insurance
Following the introduction of the new hospital funding system in early 2012, it is now possible, under certain
conditions, to be hospitalized in a private clinic.

La Colline received a partial performance mandate from the Canton of Geneva for the year 2012.
According to the following combined criteria, it is possible to get surgery at La Colline even if you only have a
compulsory health insurance, and without additional costs borne by you:

  • Being a resident of the Canton of Geneva.
  • Having to receive hospital treatment in orthopedics or spine neurosurgery.
  • Disease cases for employed people, illness or injury for others (to be analyzed case by case
    for accidents).

The quota allocated to the clinic by the Canton is not exhausted.
The hotel services will not be the same as those for patients who benefit from a supplementary insurance.
The lump sum of the hospital fees will be divided among the basic insurance and the Canton. It includes
doctors' fees, laboratory, radiology, etc. but does not include personal expenses.

If you are not subject to LaMal
Your hospitalization cost coverage depends on your health insurance general terms.
Depending on the general condition, the clinic La Colline will send you or your insurance company the bill.
We advise you to ask your insurance company about its policy regarding the level of reimbursement. We stay
at your disposal to provide you with any cost estimation you may need.
For the patients without any insurance or for those whose surgery (like plastic surgery) is not covered by an
insurance company, tailored and detailed quotation will be sent.
*LaMal: Federal Law on Health Insurance**Tarmed: TARMED Switzerland is a society that aims at maintaining
and developing the structure of TARMED medical fees.


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